Production of natural juice

Fruit Organica, an agricultural cooperative, was created in the heart of the subcutaneous fruit area with the aim of turning fruit benefits into tasty, healthy and quality beverages.
Based on years of experience from the founders, from their own plantations, which spans about 8pm, and guided by tradition, Fruit Organica has created natural, nutty juices that capture the preserved aroma of fruit and taste that captivates our palate. Juices do not contain water, sugar, additives or preservatives. They are obtained solely by cold pressing of fruits and vegetables, treated with pasteurization and as such have preserved all the vitamins, minerals and fibers that we need in the proper functioning of the body.
One hour of Fruit Organica juice a day is enough to supply the body with the necessary nutrients and improve its overall health. The benefits of our juices are great and health is a priority for all of us. Fruit Organica juices can be used by all ages, from the cradle to the golden age.
So don’t hesitate to do the best for yourself and your loved ones and drink a glass of Fruit Organica Juice!

Fruit Organica

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    Fruit Organica

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