Natural Water with mineral Selenium

It is extracted from the depth of 124 meters of the untouched nature of the Hot Springs, and by its natural way it collects minerals from nature that make it extremely high quality.

The Donja springs are known for their exceptionally high quality natural spring water. They are referred to in the Austro-Hungarian period as water that strengthened soldiers from that time.

It has a limestone lithological composition which makes it extremely pure and drinkable in its natural form. There is no populated area near the factory or an industrial zone.

By its chemical composition, it is one of the very rare waters that contain Selenium, which is needed daily by our body. Aqua Doria water is rich in hydrogen carbonate and low in sodium and is very suitable for daily intake in unlimited quantities.

Due to its favorable ratio and mineral content, all populations can drink it equally.

Aqua Doria - Natural Water with mineral Selenium

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