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Apr 2020

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er is a specific profession that has emerged in the midst of the so-called digital revolution. We bring together knowledge and skills in public relations, marketing, sales and information technology. The specifics of the Internet as a communication channel and the change of human habits in modern times require Community Manager to be creative with which he receives and retains the attention of users, analytical planning and evaluation, dedication to

Billboard advertising is a proven way of outdoor advertising, printing is done on different types of media for large format digital printing. Contact us and we will help you find the right material that will give you the best value for money, depending on the length of the campaign and the method of advertising. Digital printing on the mentioned materials gives you high quality printed material, weatherproof material, UV-proof and

Although most companies today imply that at least one person in charge of digital marketing is on the payroll, few still know exactly what the job of a digital marketing manager is. A digital marketing manager is a person who: Implements, monitors and optimizes digital marketing campaigns and strategies. Plans and manages the execution of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / SEM (Social Network Optimization). Manages database marketing, social media accounts,

Web site maintenance is the process of updating content and maintaining the functionality and structure of web pages that begins to flow after they have been created. System maintenance is required, but it also imposes itself as a logical need for updates on 99% of websites. Site maintenance involves system maintenance (installation of new versions, regular backup, monitoring of system functions, taking care of the database, removing system errors, solving