er is a specific profession that has emerged in the midst of the so-called digital revolution. We bring together knowledge and skills in public relations, marketing, sales and information technology.

The specifics of the Internet as a communication channel and the change of human habits in modern times require Community Manager to be creative with which he receives and retains the attention of users, analytical planning and evaluation, dedication to the business and contributes to the development of your idea.

Our team is ready to do the following:

  • independently develop and implement a communication strategy on social networks
  • independently create and implement a marketing plan on social networks
  • choose the most appropriate types of posts on social networks to achieve communication and marketing goals
  • create valuable, relevant, and consistent content to engage your target audience and build a true fan base in the long run
  • tailor online communication to the specificities of different social networks
  • design engaging and interactive posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • how to get publicity on social media posts
  • how to conduct a quality evaluation of communication and marketing activities on social networks
  • how to use advertising networks and search engines for promotion
  • and how to use social networks and quality content to improve business performance