Although most companies today imply that at least one person in charge of digital marketing is on the payroll, few still know exactly what the job of a digital marketing manager is.

A digital marketing manager is a person who:

  • Implements, monitors and optimizes digital marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Plans and manages the execution of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / SEM (Social Network Optimization).
  • Manages database marketing, social media accounts, and email campaigns.
  • Actively manages paid advertising campaigns.
  • He manages Google Analytics, Google Web Master Tools, Bing Web Master Tools.
  • Performs end-user analysis on social networks.
  • Plans and executes tests to increase conversions.
  • Measures and reports on the success of digital marketing campaigns (ROI – Key Process Indicators).
  • Tests and optimizes user experience (via selected audience or software that records user actions).
  • Creates and enhances user experience with the help of expert staff.
    He uses tools daily to:

    • Track search engine positions.
    • Creating, cheering and posting content across multiple platforms / social networks.
    • Creating and tailoring marketing campaigns (AdWords, Bing Ads, Httpool, AdRoll, etc.)

You may notice that the list contains a lot of dynamic activities, as well as the position itself. Some of the tools in use today can be overcome in a few years, and in the meantime, they are likely to be inherited by newer, more complex solutions.

Success in today’s digital world requires a combination of good analytics and quality feedback. A digital marketing manager is a link (a kind of shortcut) between business administration on the one hand and the end user on the other. The response time in the digital world is very short. If you do not take the opportunity, ie do not solve the problem or do not fulfill the desire of the end user, someone else will surely do it.
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