Web site maintenance is the process of updating content and maintaining the functionality and structure of web pages that begins to flow after they have been created. System maintenance is required, but it also imposes itself as a logical need for updates on 99% of websites.

Site maintenance involves system maintenance (installation of new versions, regular backup, monitoring of system functions, taking care of the database, removing system errors, solving system crashes…), that is, all that a webmaster does.

It is a total misconception that maintaining a site is a regular replacement of the old one or entering new content of the site! This is a use of the site and has no impact on the functionality of the site, but rather on its usefulness and usability, both for the owner and his visitors.

Below this limit, the system ceases to function, causing unnecessary costs due to improper (inexpensive) or non-existent maintenance service.
Only a site that is regularly, professionally and professionally maintained can be functional and cost effective. It is a great pity when a good site dies and disappears from web site offerings, just because it was not maintained. Without regular maintenance, the site becomes “invisible” and thus useless. Everything invested in it is lost, as is the chance that the site will do us a job and be of multiple use.

Today’s sites are not ads, the internet is not a bulletin board. A cheap “site” with a static site can be easily made, but it can hardly function in the internet world. Search engines don’t recognize it. Only those who know its exact URL can find it.
A functional site is a specific PROGRAM linked to a complex system for the functioning of the web network.

The VISIBLE part of the site is just a part of that program that is BACKGROUND of our business for us.

Like all complex systems, it is also subject to “wear”, obsolescence, failures, attacks, crashes. Malicious malware finds and exploits our failures and weaknesses in an outdated system to do harm (hack down a site, hack or destroy data, abuse our privileges, etc.).

Regular updating of the system closes the space for these opportunities in a timely manner. Preventive action and concrete solving of current issues from the mentioned problems, provides optimal conditions for your site to serve long and flawless.

For a site to meet your expectations it must function, be fresh and dynamic. Without maintenance, the system works for a good while, then bad and worse, until it stops working. No site owner wants this scenario.