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BS-ENGINEERING d.o.o. Derventa is a private company from Derventa that has a long tradition in the construction, installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems. The aim of the company is to make a significant contribution to the development of the telecommunications market with its expertise, and in the process to be a reliable partner to all users.

BS-ENGINEERING d.o.o. Derventa was founded on 02.08.1999. by Đuras (Blagoje) Branko. The decision on organization of the company was made on March 15, 2000. The decision to increase the property was made on 01.03.2001. years.

BS-ENGINEERING d.o.o. On April 9, 2001, Derventa was registered in the court register in the Basic Court in Doboj for the purpose of enlarging the property under registry entry no. 1-2897-00.

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    BS Inžinjering

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    • Civil engineering and excavation