Hunting and Fishing

Wholesale and retail of hunting and fishing equipment, pet food and shooting training…
The company started operating in 1998. and we are located in Doboj at 2 Pašica Street where wholesale is located and in Nemanjina Linea Building. We recently opened our second outlet on Milovan Bjelosevica Beli 1 Street in Derventa.

The main business of the company is the sale of hunting equipment for lovers of hunting and nature and fishing.

In addition, we carry out firearms training at our range and, accordingly, issue appropriate certificates of competence in handling them. From the rich assortment we distinguish various types of hunting rifles, carbines, pistols brand “BAIKAL, BERETA, BROWNING, SAUER, TIKKA, FAIR, RED FLAG, SABATTI, REMINGTON”, optical sights, binoculars, various types of ammunition, hunting knives, vests, vests, chairs, backpacks and other equipment necessary for a good and successful hunt. We also offer fishing equipment, such as: equipment for cheaters, gear for fly fishing, various types of rods, rolls, cheaters and other necessary equipment.

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